Nadia Youth Ink with tattoo designs

Youth Ink

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Nadia Youth Ink with tattoo designs

Some of us need some help discovering our passion, some of us all ready know exactly what our thing is. Nadia always knew that tattooing was the dream job.

Research into American Traditional X Japanese in the style of Don Ed Hardy was the focus of Nadia’s passion project.

The outcome?

Why, our own studio ‘Youth Ink’!

Nadia created a pop-up tattoo studio complete with flash books and semi-permanent ink (sharpies) as an activation at our 2021 Open Day.

Temporary tough stickers made the incoming students feel welcome and allowed us to express the unique interests of our community.

Naturally, Nadia is now an apprentice in a tattoo parlour creating a slightly less temporary imprint on the world.

Team 4

Nadia Youth Ink applying temporary tattoo
Nadia Youth Ink temporary tattoo parlour
Nadia Youth Ink tattoo designsNadia sketching for Youth Ink temporary tattoo parlour

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