Rearna Youth Inc. Team 4. Homefree Gifts

Homefree Gifts

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Rearna Youth Inc. Team 4. Homefree Gifts

Rearna from Team 4 is a social entrepreneur with a passion for addressing the housing crisis. Throughout our time as a team, Rearna conceptualised Homefree Gifts.

Her enterprise is an experiential retail venture that sells curated gift boxes both direct to consumer and B2B (retailer/mortgage providers). The funds from sales are redistributed to organisations working with people experiencing homelessness.

While the venture helps raise funds, its primary goal is to inspire the hearts and minds of society to take action on homelessness. Rearna will do this by sharing the stories of people experiencing homelessness and providing customers with memorable experiences to be grateful for in their own home.

She believes the combined effect of raising awareness on the homlessness crisis, alongside sparking gratitude for special moments in our customers' homes, will be a powerful force for inspiring people to take action.

Rearna is now taking part in the NEIS program to take her big idea to the next level…watch this space.

Rearna, Team 4


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