Social Deviant clothing by Maidoc

Social Deviant

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Social Deviant clothing by Maidoc

Social Deviant was a turn of phrase we lived by in 2021. What started as a Passion Project for Maidoc, turned into an amazing apparel business by the end of the year (and became an unofficial uniform shortly after that).

Maidoc worked on every aspect of his garments from researching the environmental and social impact of the textiles industry, designing the brand, hand drawing logos and building a business model. His first drop was an incredible success and he is designing gear for round two.

Most importantly Social Deviant wasn't just a tough slogan, it was a way for Maidoc and our community to subvert language which has been weaponised against us. Perhaps deviance is the way forward - through and away from the status quo.

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Social Deviant clothing by Maidoc

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