Our Team.

Our Team.

Meet our amazing team!

Our staff dare to dream of a world where all young people are given the opportunity to utilise their strengths and talents so that they feel empowered to create a life that is meaningful to them.

Youth Inc. team Fred Heidt

Fred Heidt

Executive Principal

Youth Inc. team Jen Vonic-Joyce

Jen Vonic-Joyce

General Manager

Youth Inc. team Rose Lacoon-Williamson

Rose Lacoon-Williamson

Executive Officer, Youth Inc. Learning Exchange

Youth Inc. team Mana Nankivell

Mana Nankivell

Finance Facilitator

Youth Inc. team Claudia Nicholson

Alannah Field

Administration Coordinator

Youth Inc. team Manuela Gallego Rendon

Manuela Gallego Rendon

Facilities & Project Coordinator


Kylie Agnew

Educational Psychologist
Youth Inc. team Susie Bennett

Susie Bennett

Life Coach

Youth Inc. team Tom Pagliaro

Tom Pagliaro

Life Navigator

Youth Inc. team Kira Tsoulakis

Kira Tsoulakis

Life Navigator

Youth Inc. team Hope Gardner

Hope Gardner

Learning Facilitator
Youth Inc. team Sarah Keane

Sarah Keane

Creative in Residence

Youth Inc. team Manuela Nia Lewis

Nia Lewis


Youth Inc. team Alex Bruhn

Alex Bruhn

Community Builder

Ben Trewren

Experiential Learning Manager

Youth Inc. team Jodie Duncan

Jodie Duncan

Vocational Education Manager | Trainer / Assessor

Youth Inc. team Lauren Lovett

Lauren Lovett

Work Ventures Coordinator Team Leader

Youth Inc. team Thomas McCammon

Thomas McCammon

Work Venture Coordinator